941 is the address of a house we used to have a lot of parties in, but there are babies living there now. Before it became a haven for extremely young life, 941 was the host site for dozens of performances of surprising quality, as well as, the catchall moniker for genre-spanning creative efforts that shared few thematic ties besides the need to do something and do it now. For years, 941 has toted the flag for the weird-and-excellent in Shreveport, treating the rootless and curious to some electro-power-sax improvisation, undead cheerleading, dance songs about cats, low-key fantasy/horror films, fashion shows about food and nature, noise and sound art, impersonation, visual assemblages and paintings whose quality should surely land them in famous places were it so desired, and more than even we at 941 can remember.


An artist collective active during much of 2004 and 2005, Skip-Go founding members Rob Peterson, Shannon Palmer, Katie Howell, and Ruthie Junto explored many facets of printmaking, painting and self-publishing. Getting together to create art in the company of friends was the main objective; bringing that art to friends and the surrounding art community was just part of the fun. Skip-Go participated in many shows during its short life, helping to run workshops on stenciling and zine publishing, and accompanied various bands and filmmakers over the course of two years.

KSCL 91.3

Simply Shreveport€™s best radio station. KSCL 91.3 is a non-commercial, educational and community FM radio station programmed and operated by the students of Centenary College. Their mission is to serve as an extension of the Centenary College liberal arts education, where students and faculty work together to build a community focused on ethical and intellectual development. Broadcasting from the campus of Centenary College the students decide what goes on the air. While providing access and a platform for underserved voices, KSCL creates programming and events that are attentive to needs of the local community and supportive of the regional culture… KSCL website!


A collaboration whirling around the ONO! Ninjas to pull a rabbit out of a hat, pack an elephant in a handbag, and basically, find locations for and stage shows featuring local and touring bands. A regular programmer in minicine? ‘s subterranean basement Zebra Room… pre-2005, bands showcased included, Raised Under Reagan, Zack the Rookie, Sunday Mass Murder, The Charismatics, the Picts, the Flappy Jack Kids, and more…


The enigma of the Zebra Room…