Thank You from MSPS NMF 2013!

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Thanks all for coming out to the MSPS New Music Festival 2013 and the MSPS Prelude: Presented by UnScene. (Photo by April Dahm)… Special Thanks to the Shreveport Downtown Development Authority and the Shreveport Water Works Museum …. All of the invited Local and Out-of-Town Performers, All of our wonderful Vendors, INKIND Supporters, Curators, MSPS Team Members, and the countless Volunteers who made this event happen! We would also like to thank the UnScene Team, for hosting the Prelude, and we wish them success with their upcoming series of Downtown Arts Programming in the Historic Texas Avenue Neighborhood!

Oct. 11-12 – 2013 ~ MSPS New Music Festival 2013



Presencing:  New Media of the American South

The 2013 McNeill Street Pumping Station New Music Festival (MSPSNMF) will unfold October 11th and 12th in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA at various venues in downtown and on Cross Bayou. In this iteration of the MSPSNMF, we are keen to turn an eye closer to home. In 2011 we cast a fairly wide net. We hosted people and works from every corner of the world. This year we will explore the shape and size of the Southern constellation of artists working on the fringes of their communities. We have our sights set on communities like Birmingham, Alabama; Greensboro, North Carolina and Lafayette, Louisiana. These and several others are points in the psychogeography of outsider art that we are excited to connect with Shreveport. In the spirit of Willoughby Sharp’s 1969 exhibition “Place and Process” in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Lucy Lippard’s book The Lure of the Local and Kenneth Frampton’s essay Towards a Critical Regionalism our work seeks to examine the relational and non-relational aspects of our place and its other. What is the connective tissue, for example, between Shreveport and Reidsville, North Carolina? What does it look and sound like when translated via the mediums of music and video? What does not translate and as such forms the ground for a learning moment between artists and musicians from these places?

Friday Oct. 11 – 7pm-11pm
MSPS Prelude: Presented by UnScene
700 Block Alley betwixt Crockett & Cotton Street
Downtown Shreveport, LA 71101
Admission: FREE

De La Mirdster
Christian Greenwood
Peter Fetterman / Destiny Toro
Dubb Normal
Drab Ruby
Ian Quiet
Party Party Partners
Homer Flynn

Saturday Oct. 12 – 7pm – 11pm
MSPS New Music Festival 2013
Shreveport Waterworks Museum
142 N. Common. St.
Shreveport, LA 71101
General Admission: $20
Youth w/ Student ID: $12
Youth 10 & Under: Free

Them Natives
Hopi Torvald
Alvin Fielder / Kidd Jordan / Chris Parker
Dickey Landry / Jason Robira
Diamond Terrifier
Duane Pitre
Simon Whetham / James Eck Rippie
Andrew Raffo-Dewar / Brad Davis
Jon Mackey
The Occidentalists
Greg Randall
Rick Silva / Talice Lee
Dacoda Montana
Andrew Blanton / Morehshin Allahyari
Party Party Partners

For Details About Event:

Oct. 6-7 ~ Active Listening & Field Recording Workshop



Special to MSPS New Music Festival 2013, guest artist Simon Whetham of Bristol, UK, will hold an Active Listening & Field Recording Workshop. The same workshop will be offered twice in order to facilitate smaller groups. Each day is limited to 10 participants. The first opportunity is on Sunday, October 6 and the workshop repeats on Monday, October 7, both between 10am and 4pm. Please select the day that is most convenient for you and RSVP as soon as possible. Space is limited… Free to the public, the workshop will be held at the Shreveport Waterworks Museum, 142 N. Common, Downtown Shreveport, which is the site of the MSPS New Music Festival. Please share this with anyone you think would like to take advantage of the unique opportunity!!!!!!

About the Workshop:

10AM-12PM: Sound artist Simon Whetham will give an introduction to his work, playing examples and explaining his methods. Following, he will take the group for a guided blindfolded walk to explore the concepts of Active Listening.

Break for Lunch (Lunch is not provided so this is an opportunity to sample nearby eateries).

1PM-4PM: Simon will lead the group in an exploration of the locale with digital recorders and various microphones to find hidden and discreet sounds to present at the end of the session.

About Simon Whetham:

Over the past eight years Simon Whetham has developed a practice of working with sound recordings as a raw material for composition. These are often environmental sounds he has captured employing a variety of methods and techniques, in order to obtain discreet or obscured sonic phenomena. In removing sound from it’s source, and often amplifying it significantly, it becomes much more abstract – familiar, yet otherworldly. More recently, when presenting work in a performance or installation, for him the space and the objects within become instruments to be played.

Simon has a large number of works published through many specialist organizations, including Touch Music, Cronica, Dragon’s Eye, Monochrome Vision and Entr’acte; has performed extensively internationally; collaborated with artists from musicians to performance artists, painters to video artists, dancers to poets; has run listening and field recording workshops in UK, Estonia, Colombia, Chile and Australia; and received a large number of commissions and awards for projects and installations – notably for his own project ‘Active Crossover’

A further development of Simon’s practice is the participation in the arts education project RED Artes Visuales de Medellín in Colombia, where he ran workshop sessions for 7 different groups of schoolchildren aged between 8 and 18 years old, each week for 9 weeks, exploring listening exercises; recording techniques; microphone construction; interventions; and instrument and kinetic sculpture building.


Hosted and Sponsored by minicine?


3.2.2013 ~ Lumpy Grits: A Literary & Lyrical Mix


Young artists in the area express their talents in a variety of ways. Featured Artist Chryshelle Jennings reenacts authentic selections of poems from her new book “Put Your Ears to My Heart“. Come out and be prepared to open up your ears and your hearts.

Featured Poetic Artis:   Chryshelle Jennings

Diverse Artists:   Warren Mcshan,  Trey Bryant,  Davious Dawson,  Bianna Ellis,  Chelsey Fountain,  Delia Caldwell,  Selena Davenport,  Janai White,  Brandon Johnson,  Brandon Fountain,  Kianna Washington,  Loni McCoy,  Taylor Martin,  Latasha Williams

Graphic Artist:  BNE Design Center

Culinary Artist:  Melvin Nelson

Visual Artist:  Ashley Dowden,  Nelson Flanagan,  Jordan Evans

Time:  Pre-show 7pm-8pm,   Lumpy Grits Show 8pm
Place: Minicine? Swampland, 846 Texas Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71101

Come and Enjoy Up and Coming New Talented Artists
Live Music  ~  Refreshments will be served

Saturday March 2  /  minicine?  /  846 Texas Avenue  /  Doors @ 7PM  /  $5

Dec. 8, 2012 ~ xmas under da ground


xmas under da ground is BACK! Every two years, minicine? celebrates local film, music and art in an open all-inclusive holiday blow out exhibition! This year the response has been through the roof (look out Santa) and the event will expand into two buildings! In addition to the fact over 30 filmmakers responded to the call for short films, there will be over 30 visual artists exhibiting in the gallery, and up to nine live music performances. Catering will be provided by GoGreenly , Lagniappe Foods, and minicine? pot-luck!

A search and discover Cash Bar will be available… This event is, without doubt, one of the best opportunities to experience a diverse sampling of Shreveport creative talent in one place! …and it’s FREE!

Will you need any money???

Cash Bar / Art for Sale by Artists / Band Merch & More!

Full Schedule Below, but here’z some details…


Reel One… (In order of appearance) Run Time… 54min 32sec.
Marion Marks, Alan Dyson & Debbie Engle, Raydra Hall & David Hylan, Rob Peterson, Chris Alexander, Kathryn Usher, East 20 Productions, Jason Pliler, Michael Neal Phillips, Savage Chuck Loridans, Krista McKinney, Bilal, Ian Quiet, Jacob Disedare

Reel Two… (In order of appearance) Run Time… 41min. 25sec.
Michael Futreal, Thomas Little, Austin Meyers, Cazes Verbois, Chris Armand & Noah Scruggs, Robert Trudeau, Sara Hebert & Chris Jay, Calvin O’Neil Jr., Christopher Alan Weaver, Louisiana Jones, Chris Armand & Noah Scruggs, Dacoda Montana, Mindy Bledsoe

Film Gallery… Tho Tway, EL, Cathy Nance, Bryan Konefsky, Dorothy Kristin Hanna

Visual Artists:

John Bentrup, Micah Harold, Ali Bahler, Robert Trudeau, Randall Ross, Raven Jones, Laura Robbins, Taffie Cragon Garsee, Ben Moss, Lynn Laird, Jeormie, Taryn Self, Jeremy Johnson, Nadine Charity, Alex Hester, Stavely Kuzmanov, Mindy Bledsoe, Robert Rodgers, Kevin Deloach, Conchita Iglesias McElwee, Elizabeth Holladay Jackson, Amy Treme, Nathan Treme, Raydra Hall, Pamela Raintree, Thomas Little, Peter Fetterman & more…….

Musicians & Bands:

Twang Darkly, Street Rats String Band, Gout Break, Chrissy Wise, Brittney Maddox, The Shape of Sounds, Blood Punch, Ian Quiet, Bears and Wolves…

Relative Distribution of Activities Across Parallel Universes…

846– Twang Darkly…
846– Gout Break
852 – Street Rats String Band

846 & 852 ~ Films Reel One…

846– Chrissy Wise
846– Brittney Maddox
852– The Shape of Sounds

846 & 852 ~ Films Reel Two…

846– Blood Punch
846– Ian Quiet
846– Bears & Wolves

NOTE:    Cash Bar 852 Only!

This event is sponsored in part by a mini-grant from the Shreveport Downtown Development Authority.  minicine? is supported by a grant from the Louisiana State Arts Council through the Louisiana Division of the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts and by donations from our participants and audience.  Thank You!

Sat. December 8  /  846 & 852 Texas Avenue  /  7pm  /  Free!

Sept. 15, 2012 ~ minicine? Dance Fundraiser

Let’s Dance!  It’s the 1st ever minicine? Dance Fundraiser!   $5 suggested donation (or whatever you wish to donate because this is a fundraiser after all)….   $10 to compete in the Dance Contest,  yes, you read it here, Dance Contest!

For those feeling the need to prove their dancing prowess – enter the Dance Contest. You could be crowned the King or Queen of the well-polished minicine? dance floor. No one’s ever done it before!

Super Awesome prizes will be awarded,  donated by generous sponsors: Chemistry Hair SalonStir Tapas, Marilynn’s PlaceExplore Yoga, The Robinson Film Center, GoGreenly, Rhino Coffee, Club Chicago, and Shreveport Hoop Group.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Gee whiz, y’all, I’m the worst dancer on the planet!” But, hey, we have something for you, too! We would be happy to award you with the Worst Dancer title.

Golly, it sounds so exciting! But wait, there’s more!
* Dress to impress and you could be deemed “Best Dressed” and win a prize that will ensure that you always look your best. After all, minicine? wouldn’t want our best dressed winner walking around town looking frumpy, now would would we!
* Remember all those awkward high school dance photo booths from the ’80s or from the ’80s movies you watched last year because that’s cool? Well, we wouldn’t want you to forget this night!
* What kind of sweet tunes are we gonna have, you ask? Only the best dance hits from our favorite DJs Chris Brown and Kern Courtney!

Come one, come all. This is going be like a high school dance from the ’80s. BUT BETTER!

And don’t forget your dollar bills! This is a fundraiser after all and you guys love minicine?!

minicine?  /  846 Texas Avenue  /  8 pm  /  $5 Suggested Donation…

Sept. 13, 2012 ~ A Film Series Without an Audience


A Film Series Without An Audience (AFSWA)

La Raison Avant La Passion – Joyce Wieland
1969, 80 minutes, Color, 16mm

La Raison Avant La Passion is a lyrical and eccentric commentary on the filmmaker’s home country, Canada. Wieland employs gentle parody and her own unique visionary artistic methods to explore space, place, and patriotism.

Joyce Wieland (06.30.31 – 07.27.98) was a Canadian born filmmaker and mixed media artist. Her work invokes and is informed by the tradition of female craft. Her films involve the manual manipulation of the film strip and her process as a mixed-media artist.

minicine?  /  846 Texas Avenue  /  8pm  /  Free  

Sept. 6, 2012 ~ Centenary Media Bash !


The Media at Centenary College presents the 2nd annual Media Bash open to all Centenary Students!   Hop on a charter bus and come downtown to minicine?.  Live music will be performed by AJ Haynes and the Electric Dollhouse Groove Buggy!  Awesome Red Beans and Rice and Jambalaya will be provided by Marilynn’s Place and exquisite vegetarian tacos by GoGreenly.  Come and meet the Centenary Media, Learn, Join, Create!

KSCL 91.3 FM



Film Society


We welcome you!!!!!

minicine?  /  846 Texas Avenue  /  6pm til 10pm  /  FREE

August 26, 2012 ~ Renzi Music Video Premier & Art Exhibition

We get to celebrate the wonderful talents of the Renzi students!

This event will include:
Song Premier – Featuring the song written and recorded by the “Frenzi Kids” (students in the Summer Band Camp, under the direction of Brittney Maddox)!
Music Video Premier – Featuring the music video created by students in the Summer Music Video Camp (under the direction of Michael Futreal)!
Art Opening – Featuring a display of original works of art by Renzi students. All pieces on sale for $5, and the artist gets to keep the money!

Twang Darkly   will be performing!  There WILL be popcorn!

minicine?  /  846 Texas Avenue  /  6pm  /  FREE !

August 15, 2012 ~ Black Mass Rising


From Paris, France, filmmaker Shazzula brings to Shreveport her film Black Mass Rising on its U.S. premiere tour. Set in two parts ranging from psychedelic imagery to dark, occult inspired atmospheres. A soundtrack made up of 22 bands with gloomy, hallucinatory tones, is a personal interpretation of themes such as apocalypse, mysticism, religion, and darkness without violence.

Shazzula will also be performing a solo set along with local bands John Calvin and Dankhdjinn.

minicine?  /  846 Texas Avenue   /  7PM  /   $5 Suggested Donation

August 11, 2012 ~ Monoprints + Andrew Weathers

Andrew Weathers is a young American composer and improviser originally from Chapel Hill, NC and currently based in Oakland, CA. His music exists in a space between improvisation and composition – equally influenced by the 20th century American minimalists and underground noise. He has a BM in Music Composition from the University of North Carolina – Greensboro, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Electronic Music at Mills College. Andrew performs rigorously in a variety of contexts, both composed and improvised.

In addition to the music, the evening will include a group exhibit of mono-prints from young and established artists from the North Louisiana Region, including Catherine Nelson, Joshua Chambers and Landry Debussy. Each print is unique and expresses an aspect of the artist’s experience with local culture, or life.


minicine?  /  846 Texas Avenue  /  8 PM  /  $5 Suggested Donation

August 4, 2012 ~ Daniel Hart + GASHCAT

minicine? invites you to a special performance by Dallas-based violinist, Daniel Hart, on tour with his debut album, The Orientalist.  Hart’s previous independent work was with the band, The Physics of Meaning.  In an interview with the Dallas Observer (December 2011), Hart revealed that in order to support his solo work, “I basically play with other bands to fund my own band.”   Some of the “other bands” and musicians Hart refers to include:  Broken Social Scene, Polyphonic Spree, St. Vincent, John Vanderslice, The Rosebuds and Andrew Bird.   Most recently, Hart joined Other Lives, an Oklahoma indie band, for a slew of opening performances as part of a spring 2012 Radiohead tour. For more information, check out this great article in D Magazine (July 2012).

Opening for Daniel Hart will be Shreveport based, GASHCAT.

minicine?  /  846 Texas Avenue  /  9 PM  /  $5 Suggested Donation

July 28, 2012 ~ The Esoteric Tradition of Tattoos

You are cordially invited to attend an exhibition highlighting the art and the artists who honor the timeless and often sacred tradition of tattooing.

The art of tattoos have been passed down from master to apprentice for thousands of years.  This exhibition seeks to draw a line in the sand and effectively illustrate the difference between the quality of art and tattoos produced by someone who has learned under the tutelage of a master and the art and tattoos produced by “tattoo” schools popping up left and right, effectively harming the quality and standards of tattoos while simultaneously insulting the artists who earned their stripes refining their styles and techiques over the years.

At minicine? on the night of Saturday, July 28th, there will be a collaborative showing of art by published, award-winning, professional tattoo artists, both local and abroad, with emphasis on the different styles associated with tattooing such as japanese tebori, traditional american, new school, etc. So please join us as we observe the ancient history and culture of tattooing. And bring your own ink to show too.


Fortune and Glory Tattoo Parlor
James Clements
John Bentrup,
Matt Grisham
Micah Harold

Skull and Bones
Levi Hilton
Colby Gillespie

Body Electric
Sizer Yerger

Shipwreck Tattoos
Bruce “Horikurohige” Morgan

Nakatosh Tattoo Co.
Maximalion Tucker

Let’s Buzz -Bergen, Norway
Sandy Brudvik – hometown Shreveport, LA
Christine Horvei
Jannike Weise-Hansen
Annalaug Maria Tolo


Stolen Pills-Monroe, La


Peter Fetterman-Fire Swallower

minicine?  /  846 Texas Avenue  /  8 PM  /  $5 Suggested Donation

July 19, 2012 ~ Omen Art :: Collective

A recently formed women’s art collective, OMEN ART, is preparing to present their inaugural exhibition, focusing on heart of young-womanhood and the female body-image. The event will take place at minicine? 846 Texas Avenue at 7p.m. and will include visual art, performances and installations. This unique collaborative event will serve as an introduction to the women of OMEN ART, who have been meeting and sharing ideas on a regular basis since April of this year.  The collective exists to support local women in their journey to work creatively alongside the community and serves as a platform for exchanging ideas and encouragement throughout the creative process.

The following artists will be presenting work at the show:





















Contact Info:

OMEN ART Presents: The Collective Debut

July 19th, 7PM at minicine? 846 Texas Avenue, Shreveport LA 71101

A suggested donation of $5.00 is greatly welcomed at the door, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

For more info, please e-mail:

June 24, 2012 ~


The makes it’s Louisiana debut.

The n.m.c is a rotating cast of musicians founded/directed by Aaron Butler that presents contemporary classical, experimental and improvised musics in non-classical venues. Past performances have included works by Morton Feldman, Louis Andriessen, Steve Reich, Robert Ashley, James Tenney, Gavin Bryars, Julius Eastman, Tristan Perich, Nathan Davis, as well as original scores/improvisations for silent films such as Murnau’s Nosferatu, Duchamp’s Anemic Cinema, Eggeling’s Symphonie Diagonale and more.

The program includes:
Cartridge Music|Duet for Cymbal: for amplified cymbal and laptop – Cage
One4 for solo percussion – Cage
Diving Bell: for triangles and laptop – Davis
Dorian Reeds: for melodica and laptop – Riley
Cobra – Zorn
In C – Riley


minicine?  /  846 Texas Avenue  /  7pm  /  $5 Suggested Donation